I watch a movie years ago call the BEAUTIFUL MIND base on John Nash he was an mathematical genius-who suffer from Schizophrenia. I never dream in a millions years that I would have a child who I will call Hope-for the sake of this article with the same disorder, when she was growing up there were no signs of this disorder all she had was some anger issues as I look back maybe that was the tall tale sign. She is very good at writing poetry, Hope had written several poems for people obituaries.  She also did some poetry  for the church events we use to belong too. No one could ever imagine how a mother feels when her child suffers with a mental disorder. Here is one of Hope’s Poems that she written in 1998 for our late aunt Jessie Mae who was the foster mother of many children.
Jessie Mae

Who can become a mother of 22 or more in just one day?

Take them all to church and teach them how to pray

Bring them all together almost every Sunday

(no one ) but Jessie Mae

Who could make you sit straight in church

Without causing a scene by giving you a little pinch

Called a RING-A DING (no one) but Jessie Mae

Jessie Mae was a mother to all those whose mothers were not around

She had a special talent for connecting people together

From all around town

She was full of laughter and lots of love

And I am proud to say that she was good friends with the man above

I know that she will be missed much more than before

But let her teachings be your strength that eases your pain away

And let’s try to remember that God has blessed us with more

Than one Jessie Mae

Yes this is one of the many poems that Hope wrote but that all change when Schizophrenia showed it’s face.

As a mother you wish you could go in your child’s brain and take away all their sickness, and also mend the broken pieces – sometimes a parent has to find their own support system because the burden of having to deal with your child mental illness is so heavy. What makes so sad is when you watch your adult child take a turn for the worse and as a parent you ask yourself what could I have done different while caring this child for nine months to make sure this would have never happen? And the answer is I don’t know. And surprisingly as it may seem many people with schizophrenia have been known to be well educated.