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The first time I started crocheting I was about 19yrs old never pick up a crochet hook until   I turn 50th I was having heath problems but crochet help me from worrying so much about myself. later I join some online crochet groups-which gave me more learning experience. The new project is the HYGGE SCHEEPJES CAL 2017 it’s so interesting reading everyone’s post, everyone is so excited about the new Hygge Cal its like Christmas all over again. People showing their pictures of scheepjes kits and their sampler that you get to practice on. well unfortunately I could not afford the kit, but I was able to purchase the cotton ball yarn at a different web sites for a lesser price.  We begin the project on Wednesday 2/27/17. A women by the name Esther who is teaching us with her YouTube videos how to make this beautiful shawl which is called HYGGE SCHEEPJES CAL .

practice2practice sampler

part 1part one


Crochet is not just a hobby it is a time when you can sit back and relax and unwind and form a piece of art from a thick peace of string we call yarn

create-create what ever you can, share your talented gift of crochet art for all the world to see

Pass your gift on to the next generation, share with others the things that you have created -your heart will be happy that you gave that of which you made. 


My best friend Veronica  said to me if you should leave this world before me please pass Sophie Cal to me-I said no problem it will be yours, I made the Sophie Cal in 2016.


scoppie calWritten by Sherrie Robinson-Dilday

Sunday February 19, 2017 


That’s what friends are for



This is Dorothy she lives in the same building that I live in. Dorothy and I attend the same church service here in our building-Dorothy had a stock a few years ago but she doesn’t let that stop her- I have become very found of her.  One day I mention to Dorothy that I have learn to make shawls-and that most likely I will be giving them away, she replied I like to have one, so of course I made one for her—in return she made me one which I was not looking for her to make one for me because I really don’t wear them I just like making them, to make a long story short the shawl is very pretty and I am very grateful to call her friend…..

IMG_20131004_164158.jpg this is the

shawl—a beautiful peach color which is  worn by Audrey who also lives in the same building.. SmileSend a kiss

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Talking about YouTube – Cable Demo

house plants

The Beauty Of House
I love house plants, they do so much to your living area
not do they liven up a place they also give off oxgen
It’s exciting to start a new plant from it’s roots
and watch it grow large and beautiful. But just like
anything else a plant must be well taken care of in
order to keep it’s beauty.

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