me start by saying that the computer is a very important and vital tool, there are so many interesting things we can learn using a computerĀ children can use it as a teaching tool, studying and doing their homework assignments and playing computer games just to name a few.

The internet is a good source for Business, taking online classes getting updates of what’s going on in the news as well of what going on though out the world, interacting with people from all nations and countries and cities. The internetĀ also a source for socializing with others all around the world, and learning about other peopleĀ  cultures, and learning about different hobbies. I personally enjoy watching inspirational videos and music videos and learning about my favorite hobbies which are knitting crochet and art.

But there is of course the negative side of using the internet. We must learn to be very vigilant and careful of the strangers we allow into our private life. We are living in at time where we must be careful of what is real and who is real or we could wined up being suck into the dark side of the internet. You see in our heart we want to believe that this person is real and honest, but beware that this stranger can be full of much deceit and lies-which later brings so much pain and harm to your life.


There are many good people in this world, but we all must be careful of the strangers that we allow into our internet space.