On this day our instructor (Gweny Love) told the class to write-a phrase about people we need to forgive, and we where also to write a poem which must include our own garden.

Saia wrote her poem first, Gweny ask her to read it to the class-as she begin her reading her poem I could feel myself being pull into a garden of sadness and pain.

garden photo 

ceriaThis is Saia poem/Forgiveness

Did I pluck your image from the bush

drop it and step on it pretending it was you

because it was crushed I saw you.

All the time forgetting when I was crushed-limp and bruised and step on

But I grew back and with forgiveness

I am now able to forgive you.

Written by Mrs. Shia

When she finish reading I turn to her and said thank  you for I seen myself sitting in a garden with a heavy heart and my eyes feel with tears because that how I have been feeling for many years-CRUSH AND BRUISED, but I am thankful to God for helping me along this life journey.

Sometimes God has a way of encouraging us though other people……