I found this beautiful pattern on the web and i knew i just had to make it -i started working on this pattern in late August of this year and finally finish it October 16 2015 . This was the first time that i really had to struggle to make a crochet pattern it took a lot of time and patience , but i thank God for giving me the strength to finish this project and for my son telling me how proud he was of me it also gave me the encouragement i needed to finish this pattern.

THIS PATTERN CAN BE FOUND AT =http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/ Design by Dedri Uys, videos tutorials can be found on Youtube by Esther Dijkstra and her website is its.allinanutshell.com.

My Sophie's Cal73_8317849315513694586_n

finish project


this is the beginning of the pattern


middle of my Sophie pattern