I had been keeping this little prayer/poem by the late Maya Angelou in my wallet for sometime now- and just want to share it-hope it inspires you like it does me. 

Father, Mother, God 

Thank you for your presence 

During the hard and mean days 

For then we have you to lean upon 


Thank you for your presence 

During the bright and sunny days 

For than we can share that which we have 

With those who have less 


And thank you for your presence 

During the Holy Days, for then we are able 

To celebrate you and our families 

And our friends 


For those who have no voice 

We ask you to speak 


For those who feel unworthy 

We ask you to pour love out 

In waterfalls of tenderness 


For those who live in pain 

We ask you to bathe them  

In the river of your healing 


For those who are lonely, we ask 

For you to keep them company 


For those who are depressed 

We ask you to shower upon them the light of hope 


Dear Creator, you the borderless sea of substance 

We ask you to give to all the world 

That which we need most 


By The Late Maya Angelou